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We put the Ministry of Interior NADRA Jobs 2023 on this page. You can apply at The Pakistani Ministry of the Interior announced this job opening today in the Daily Express.

Pakistani Nationals who are qualified are being asked to apply for three-year contracts that can be extended if needed. At, interested and suitable people can find out more and apply online.

The latest jobs at NADRA

The National Database and Registration Authority is a separate part of Pakistan’s Ministry of Home Affairs that is in charge of keeping track of all the information about its people. In 1998, it was set up as the National Database Organization. In 2000, it combined with NADRA.

The National Database and Registration Authority’s new and unique policies have been praised around the world. With e-governance mode, the government has spent time and money to make its technology easier to use and more up-to-date.

NADRA is a separate part of the economy that follows the rules set by the government. It’s a very successful job path with pay plans that are on par with the market. Because the authority has private information about all people, it is very careful and responsible about who it hires.

NADRA Background Details

The NADRA has posted NADRA jobs openings for the NADRA Regional Head Office in Islamabad and for the Nadra Headquarters.

NADRA Regional Head Offices are looking for a Senior Executive, a Deputy Assistant Director, a Superintendent, an Assistant Director, a Deputy Assistant Director, and an Assistant Director.

People from all over Pakistan can apply for NADRA Jobs. This type of contract-based hiring is open to both men and women. There is a push for women to apply in NADRA Jobs. Reservations should also be made for minorities. Transgender people can also take advantage of this chance.

The article gives a short summary of all the skills, knowledge, and qualifications that are needed. Applicants can be either man or female. People who are transgender or who have a disability are urged to apply.

How to Apply for NADRA Jobs?

  • Candidates must look at the ads on the NADRA Career Portal, which can be found at For spot No. 1, candidates can apply online through the same site.
  • Those who want to apply must show up for the tests and interviews. The talks will be the only way to hire for this job. In the ads, you can read about the Interview Schedule for each Regional Head Office.


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