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AI Graphic Design tools don’t have to be new all the time. Even though it can be fun to make a scary version of your favorite pop star riding a horse in space, adding AI tools to your graphic design process can be very helpful. AI saves you time and stress on the small and annoying parts of the process, so you can focus on the big picture in your graphic design tasks. Here are 13 AI tools that will improve the way you do graphic design.

1. Khroma

Khroma is an AI tool for artists that uses colors. It makes a personal formula based on the colors you choose at the beginning. This program makes an infinite number of color combinations that go with the colors you choose. If you’ve never picked a color, like yellow, it won’t be in your AI-made formula until you tell Khroma again that you like yellow.

It’s hard to choose colors and color mixtures for projects. Khroma makes it easier to decide what to do. With different themes, you can see how your colors work in different types of design, such as typography, poster design, gradients, duotone, and color palettes.

2. Midjourney

Midjourney is an AI tool that lets you write a question and quickly see what it looks like. Using Midjourney’s Discord server, you can get four generated answers for each prompt. This AI tool is easy to use, and we’ve made a guide to help you do so.

Midjourney is helpful when you need a picture or vector for your design but can’t make it yourself. Even though not every solution is perfect, it works well for most things. It’s helpful if you can’t always take photos or don’t know how to use digital art software.

3. Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensi is a built-in tool that comes with all of Adobe’s Creative Cloud products. It has features like content-aware fill, font recognition, automatic color matching, and a lot more. Even though there isn’t a single feature you can find and use, the way it works with Adobe software makes your whole graphic design process better, no matter which program you’re using.

4. Fontjoy

Fontjoy is an open-source tool that uses font vector technology to help you find the best font combos. Sometimes it’s hard to decide which font to use, but Fontjoy uses filters and generators to cut down on the time you spend looking and give you more time to work on your project.

Fontjoy has three font types: header, subheader, and body text. To make new font groups, you can choose between high contrast and low contrast. It’s a simple tool that can be changed in important ways to help you make the best design.

5. Nero AI

With Nero AI Image Upscaler, you can make photos bigger and better. If you have a low-resolution picture that you need in high resolution, you can quickly fix it with Nero AI.

Designers do their best to keep all images in good quality, but sometimes they can’t. Maybe a client sent over a low-resolution logo or a shot taken with a low-quality camera phone. Your design work won’t be affected because Nero AI can fix it in seconds.

6. Designer for Microsoft

Microsoft Designer is a tool for making templates that uses AI. It works like Canva and Adobe Express, but it is completely run by artificial intelligence (AI). Text prompts can be used to find pictures and templates, make color palettes, and do other things. With this tool, you can make images for social media in a few minutes instead of hours.

7. RemoveBG

RemoveBG is an AI tool that gets rid of backgrounds. That’s all there is to it. You can upload a picture and then use the Remove BG command to get rid of the background, leaving only a transparent background.

Remove BG is available as a tool for Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, Gimp, and other programs. Getting rid of image backgrounds is a common job in graphic design workflows, so this quick-click tool really helps your workflow.

8. Galileo AI

Galileo AI calls itself the co-pilot of interface design. It uses AI to make UX/UI designs based on a text prompt you write.

Using your written prompt, you can make high-fidelity UX/UI interfaces, UI elements and icons, and even product copy for your designs. Even though this makes it seem like you’re no longer a creator if AI does everything for you, it’s still a cool tool.

9. Flair AI

With Flair AI, you can take text hints and turn them into photos of products. Just type how you want your product to be photographed (background, props, lighting, and themes), and Flair will make the picture.

We have some great ideas for product photography props, but sometimes it’s not possible to have a shooting. If your product design is still just an idea, Flair AI can help you see what the finished product will look like.

10. Uizard

Uizard has a few AI tools that help with UI design, such as creating apps and websites. You can use Uizard to make wireframes, mockups, and ideas for web design, but its AI features are what make it stand out.

With Uizard AI, you can use text prompts to make UI designs, turn hand-drawn sketches into wireframes, and turn photos into editable web designs. This is similar to the Figma plugin that lets you turn HTML into Figma drawings, but that one doesn’t use AI.

11. Fronty

Fronty uses AI to turn pictures into code for HTML and CSS. You don’t have to be a computer developer to make a working website in minutes.

If you make a beautiful website or app but don’t know how to code it, it can be stressful. Fronty makes it easy to fix that problem, so you don’t have to give it to a development team.

12. ChatGT

Even though ChatGPT itself isn’t a design tool, its powerful chatbot AI tool can help any creator a lot. You can use ChatGPT to make a large number of designs in Canva or to make prompts for AI picture generators.

Even the best artists run out of ideas sometimes. Using a robot like ChatGPT can get your mind going and help you come up with quick ideas for your designs. Don’t stay at the thought stage for too long.

13. Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Firefly is a beta version of Adobe’s latest set of AI tools and features. Some of these AI tools are now part of Adobe products, such as Adobe Express Beta. Since Firefly is still in beta, we don’t know exactly how all the tools will work together.

Firefly has a number of generative AI tools, such as AI vector recoloring, which saves you time when changing color palettes, text-to-image generation, generative fill, and 3D text generation effects, which help your ideas come to life. You can use these in a lot of different ways as you create.

Take the hard work out of AI Graphic Design:

You can be sure that one of these 13 AI tools will help your graphic design process. Every year, graphic design software gets better and you no longer have to put your heart and soul into every part of a design. Use AI to help you with the parts of design you don’t like as much, so you can spend more time on what you do best. AI doesn’t have to be a designer’s worst enemy. Bring it into your process and use it to your advantage.

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